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Fixed [6119] Trader can't handle big amounts


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When put an offer of 100k gems for 1600k steel in the trader i can put it in, but when I try to change the 1600k to 1500k or something else, so it's a 3 star offer, it automaticaly jumps to 100k.
When I try to edit the demand and click on place offer, while the cursor is still in the demand field I get an internal error.
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Elvenar Team
Thank you for reporting this @LordB , we can indeed confirm this happening.

Reproduction Steps
1. Make sure you have huge amounts of goods
2. Go to the Trader
3. Place a 100K Tier 3 Goods for 1500K Tier 1 Goods offer
4. Click outside the text bar
5. Observe it adjusting itself to 1600K Tier 1 Goods
6. Adjust it again to 1500K Tier 1 Goods
7. Click on "Place Offer" without clicking somewhere else first
8. Observe the Internal Error occur