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Fixed [44817] Waystops don't show completion checkmark & then they do


Waypoints, which are finished already, cannot be opened anymore. Therefore you're not able to check who contributed in which waypoint.


Well-Known Member
We have 2 waypoints next (horizontal, blue circled) to each other finished and i can select them one for one without ranking points being increased.
Although the Green 2nd waypoint is finished but still shows as "open". This is still a mini "bug"



Well-Known Member
well, we dropped from 2nd to 8th...i admit we had a bit of fun with the way-points...but what about the others still at the top? impossible scores without a bug...:confused:


Well-Known Member
The bugs are not fixed yet, so you guys don't have to worry about the ranking yet.
Actually, I am worried. We usually finish the FA in the top 20, and now we are #35. It's just one day and some hours until the end of FA and apparently this bug and its relatives seems very resistant.

Dorfl the Clay

Well-Known Member
Have the same problems with all finished waypoints (and one green), claming they are not finished but actually are..


this is very confusing!


Well-Known Member
We're back to 15th place for my Fellowship.
It had been at 49 (was 15 or 14 originally) since the previous attempt at fixing the problems.
Everyone seems much happier with this, saying this is more like what they expected.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Yes, it is nice to see the scoring correct again. My fellowship went from 31 back up to 4, which is the general range we are normally in.

Dorfl the Clay

Well-Known Member
The issue with way- and other points indicating they weren't complete ( although they actually were), lasted until we moved on to the pit