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Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)


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You could browse thru the list of players in your world and see if there are players who are not a member of any FS yet... or 'advertise' on this forum, (see bottom of startpage in topic "Game worlds - Beta 1").. or on the Elvenar facebook page? There might even be one dedicated to your area.. or try indicating it in your FS name ("places free!")
I have been playing since March 2016.

I was complaining about the impossibility of admitting someone prior to the start of Spire, without having to get out of bed at 4am on Sunday.


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Is it possible to return to the discussion? Thank you.
We could, but since the matter has been solved (at least all players I have contacted are able to use the app again) it doen't really matter.

My apologies, but sometimes I get ruffled...especially when people are talking nonsense.

Amy Steele

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With regard to the last few posts, firstly they were all off topic, and secondly, even if they were 'on topic' this is the bug report section, and not general discussion. This section is for reporting bugs only. Should you wish to have a discussion about anything, please do so in general discussion. Wherever you post, please also bear in mind our forum rules, especially those about being polite and constructive.