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Fixed [44203] MA changed processing items?

Deadeye Jerry

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Elvenar Team
The spell order can be different from server to server, just to confirm do you have different spell order than the one from the pics on the first page, I have the same as there as well.


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If you have old tech tree - you see old spell order, if new - new.
Game loads 2 files with buildings for me now: first, main one, contains MA with old spell order, and then loads a small file attached to new tech tree test group which has MA with new spell order. As far as I understand the logic - that file should contain buildings with lower costs to speedup first chapters, but why it has MA with a different spell order inside?


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Ah, I understand why...
Old spell order is the order spells appeared in game historically - CC was the last one.
New spell order is the order you get them in research tree.
That makes sense, but transition was done badly:
Those who stockpiled not collected CCs for upcoming FA got a bunch of IM instead.
Those who have few CCs there and normally produce MMs without collecting to be able to finish any event quest lost all their produced MMs which has a very limited income, + lost a lot of production time (MMs has longer production than CCs, replacing MMs with CCs is a plain time loss).


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Seems same was done on live servers (not for everyone, for test groups) with the same results... Even without proper announcement, so that everybody could at least collect everything they have in queue before that change...
Wonder if they have the same issue with optional techs from chapters 1-5 become suddenly researched even if they were skipped on purpose.
Or it was just to check if someone cares about it or not?
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More Beta bugs going to the live servers (en)… and no pre-communication or announcements given there either.
Leaving the mods clueless and without notice over there, as well.
Way to go INNO. :rolleyes:
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Again the items are changed in the MA, this time CCs are turned into magical production spells....



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Mine are showing similarly. The time is wrong for those being MMs, but right for them being CCs. I used time boosts to speed up production and one that was showing as a MM was a CC when collected.


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Yes, I know for certain I was cooking CCs, only make them in MA for FA or a quest - here's my screenshot, clearly the time would indicate that I am cooking CCs, as MMs take 8 hours, and CCs take 6. The problem is - we need the CCs for Druid Staff badges! Can we have some consistency?


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Also got the change vom Combining Catalyst to Magical Manufacturing. I started Combining Catalysts and if i stop the Magical Manufacturing I got back relics from Magical Manufacuring. So I got other relics back than I have invested?
No problem for big cities, but a little bit bad for low cities with low amount of relics.

It also changed Magical Manufacturing into Inspiring Mediation in my second beta city. Same here. Got other relics back than i have invested.


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Yeah, it's past 7:00 p.m. in Germany now and still no fix. I don't want to make anything in the Magic Academy until this bug is no longer there. Any updates?