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Fixed [43644] Command /who doesn`t work


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Hello team,

in the Chat: The /who command doesn't work
neither on the German nor on the beta side

PC - Linux Mint - Browser: FireFox----> all newest version

World: Khelonaar and Beta - Elves

Thank you for your help


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Same problem, both on browser (firefox) and intermittently (only works occasionally) on app (android).
Although the green dots are available as an alternative on browser to identify recent activity, there is no alternative on App.


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It works after reload, but stops working after some time. Not sure what's the trigger for that. Probably spire related. (as spire use chat server for FS progress updates.
UPD: yes, opening spire immediately breaks /who.
after that, /who request returns
  "event": "585943c9-fbc5-4bf8-917a-095feca6ec85",
  "error": "com.innogames.core.backend.socketserver.system.plugin.PermissionDeniedException: Access denied"
instead of proper /who response.
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May be if you solve an encounter it do the opposite and temporary repair /who =)
Can't check it now, will wait for cooldown.
Anyway, problem is server side and permissions-related. That should narrow the issue for developers.

Burger Meister Meister

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I would also like to report that the /who command is also intermittently broken on the live servers.
Sometime is works and sometime it provides no response.

Game Version: v1.170.2-(470f336) - html5 (2023-03-02 11:31)