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Fixed [43483] Tournament chests

Since no one else said it, this is a browser-only display issue. The app version shows the tournament chests correctly. Also, clicking on the + on the progress bar shows the correct amount needed to complete the chest, so stored tournament points can still be spent by AMs and Mages, if needed.
Thanks SO Much✨ Got one of our Mages with the Phone App to grab Chest #10 ((HUGS))


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Did anyone try to use saved tournament points for the 11th chest?
It says "Congratulations, all chests have been unlocked" after the 10th chest.
We have enough points to fill the next chest, but it ISN'T POSSIBLE.



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hm... I can see (and probably use archive for 18th chest in browser). probably archive issue affects only 2nd/11th chests.
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Why do you think they are missing? If you hover mouse over these 11 rewards you will see that 11 is the number of different types of rewards, not their total amount.


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Oops, my fault
I expexted to see the number of chests we won from the tournament and it is not 11
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