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Fixed [42710] Province scouting mismatch


Game version 1.165.2-f7f673c-256(zz1.166) HTML5: Go to your ingame settings and you can copy it from the bottom of the window.)
Game world: Beta
Android 13
Operating System or Mobile Device: Samsung Tab S7
Screen resolution:
Account name: Koboldina

Reproducibility: 1/5 = happened once

Current situation:
Chapter 2,
scouting provinces showed easy (green) and some middle
after unlocking squad size upgrade 6 the easy ones showed very easy in blue, after scouting one of them they turned into easy (green)
They shold stay very easy and not get harder

The Province report after finishing said another 9 provinces, the builder menu shows another 5 (18 of 23)
I can't go back to make screenshots


I shoudn't have reported it.
my buildersmenu said 20 of 23 provinces. I finished 2 more so only one left to get the next expansion.
Now it says 23 of 28! :mad:
I think, it is the skipped one which I got accidentally before


I had provinces in blue and green for scouting. After scouting province 38 the green ones turned to yellow. Is that normal?