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Fixed [4255] Unclear placement of obstacles on fight screen


World: ZZ1
Account: Hoshi

Description: On the battle scenes there are obstacles, that you can not (or you shouldn't be able to) step on. These are sometimes misplaced.

Current: You can't tell at first glimpse whether you can or can not walk in a certain way because of these misplacements.

1: http://prntscr.com/5v57ed

The Archer stands on an obstacle, marked with hexagon A. You can clearly see, that it is occupied by an obstacle, but the Archer clearly doesn't mind. Although the other Archer is not so tough, he doesn't want to go on hexagon B, because there's a small biece of a bush...

2: http://prntscr.com/5v57rg
The Archer (same as on the previous picture, marked with A) should be able to go to the hexagon on that way that is marked with an arrow.

I think it's a graphic bug.

Expected: Units shouldn't be able to step on obstacles and should be able to step on free hexagons.


I've noticed this as well - and it cost my archers dearly, lol.


Yup, confirmed. The obstacles and the actually blocked fields don't always match. Big issue imho!


I noticed this as well and think it's caused by the 3D-pictures as they rise up from their own hexagon and you're supposed to look behind them; but it's very inconvenient as it's not exactly clear where you can or cannot stand and I hope it'll be fixed so it's evident :)
And yes, I did lose a few units to this too, unfortunately!


And some more screenshots:

Showing the blocked path of my squad of axe barbarians:
http://prntscr.com/5y1cuv and a bit clearer: http://prntscr.com/5y1d6t

Please note that this can also not move one step down and then one step to the right - this seems logical as there appears to be a bush there, but do check my last screenshot to see why I say this... keep an eye on where the enemy necromancer is going in their next turn.

Showing in my last screenshot:

Path of my axe barbarians is still blocked, but the enemy necromancer happily steps into the bush - the exact one my axe barbarians could not go into.

Perhaps these pictures help solve the mystery :)


Just an update that this is confirmed and has been forwarded to our dev team to be fixed. Thank you all for the information.