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Fixed [4249] Trader - wrong stored goods after offer accept


Hi there,
when it fits I am doing a favor to my discovered neighbors and trade without any change of my stored goods.
An example:
X needs 100 marble, offers 100 steel
Y needs 100 steel, offers 100 marble
Then I take both, if there is no trade fee. Just two clicks for me, but may save goods for the others who have to pay trader fee.
BUT: when I take the offers, the trader does not reset my stored goods to the previous amount. I cannot take another 100 marble offer when I had only 100 stored before. The infotext says "You don't have enough goods..."
After reopening the trader everything is fine again.

Player Name: Bernardus
World: beta
Operating System: Windows 7
Browser and Version: Firefox 35.0.1

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Thanks Bernardus :)

I have been unable to reproduce this issue so far (mostly due to a lack of balanced pairs of trades on the market! :D ). Can anyone else confirm this one?

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Update: This issue has now been confirmed and forwarded to the developers for fixing, thanks again for reporting it :)