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Fixed [4227] Exploit in game

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Mision secundary:

Gain 10 Steel or Planks = rewards 6000 coin 600 supply

Buy steel market: 8000 coin or 800 supply

8000 - 6000 coins = 2000 coin cost

800 - 600 supplies = 200 supplies cost

1-so if you buy with 800 supplies you win 6000 coins 600 supplies =200 supplies cost
2-so if you buy with 8000 coins you win 6000 coins 600 supplies = 2000 coins cost

1-if you do it 10 times = win 60000 coin 4000 suplies = 2000 supplies cost
2-if you do it 10 times = win 40000 coin 6000 suplies = 20000 coin cost

I think this is wrong

PD: My English is very bad
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This is exactly what I did. I didn't want to wait the 3-9 hours to complete the quest so i just bought the resources, knowing that the reward would out weigh the cost. I'm not sure if this is an exploit, because you only get the reward once, plus the rewards are trying to boost you forward in the game. So it always gives you a nice reward for figuring something out the first time in the game. I'm not really sure what you mean by doing it 10 times as the reward should only trigger once.


the mission is secondary and can be completed as many times as you want, just canceled the others to get back to this

Zarok Dai

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This is a known issue and is being addressed to be fixed. I am moving this thread to the correct bug section.


Hi everyone,

There's a cheaper way to solve the quest lol
This is an other version of the bug: just create an offer in trade center then cancel it and the game add the amount of steel to the needed amount.
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