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Fixed [41127] Game not loading ap version


Ap version not working, stuck on 2/16 at 100% and cannot get into game. Deleted and downloaded again, live version fine but still the same on beta. Doesn’t get past 2/16. Will have to delete and download again to access my live world.


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same here, both android and ios versions. gets stuck 2/16. wont let you go to other servers - even after reboot tries to load the beta version again. i also tried deleting and re-installing.
started after todays update a couple hrs ago.


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I guess that's due to today's update of effects which contains differently formatted data for feeding effect of upcoming evo building. Hope that's copy-paste issue and I won't be forced to invent another wheel to show that feeding effect correctly on my site...

Dorfl the Clay

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Sometimes it takes a few days before the updated version is available in the app stores.. especially Apple is famous for needing several days!


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That can be fixed without updating app version. Either rollback latest changes and postpone them until app is ready or fix that feeding effect to have only one value per stage.


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Hope they will fix it before last quest of Event starts. Want to finish it even if I will be on holiday.