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Fixed [39525] New neighbour help system shows some wrong players

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
Game version: v1.148-beta.11-(63cb829) - html5 (2022-02-22 22:24)
Game world: Beta
Browser/IOS/Android + version:
Operating System or Mobile Device:
Screen resolution:
Account name: Bor de wolf
Humans or Elves:

was 5/5 now 2/5

Quest title: (if applicable)

Current situation:
New neighbour help system shows wrong people
At this moment I have scouted up to 7 areas away from my town.
In this new option I see fellowship members that are 13 and 17 area's away from me

Expected situation:
It should stop showing players I have contact with beyond the scouted range

Reproduction Steps
1. go to world map
2. open the new neighbourhood help tool
3. look at the last pages

Add more steps if needed. Include only ONE action for each step!

Screenshots of the bug:
A picture explains it better
nieuwe burenhulp.png
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I have this too. One of my fellows is in the vicinity of my NH and he appears on the list.


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there is another bug witch might be related to this one , on some players i check the wonders and it shows the wonder. but when i hover over the icon it first shows "this player has no wonders" but yet i can still click on it and it shows the wonders they have. but the moment i give neighbor help the wonder icon dissapears (becomes grey)

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
I thought this bug was gone but it seems to pop up now and then.
I am still working at ring 9 but FS members that are at ring 17 will be visible once in a while this way.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
I started on ring 10 and still FS members that are at ring 13, 17 and even ring 19, will pop up randomly in the neighbour help system from the world map.
I prefer to give help that way in the browser over the notification system, for I can see all my discovered neighbours and with the gold or green hands I know who is giving the return help.
And they only show up once.


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Hi guys,

We're still having a hard time reproducing this issue. Do you have any idea what might cause it to appear at times and not at other times?

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
What to do to get this bug popping up I don't know.
What I do know is that the players that are in the list are always members of the same FS as I am a member of.
And I have 5 members close enough to be in the range of 13 to 19 away from me while I just started working on range 10.

If the bug happens to pop up, it only stays visible till I leave the world map in to any town.
And it only pops-up when I load the world map.

not sure if it helps, but very often I play with a screen setting of 80% (I use CTRL+ minus sign to get more info on my 24" screen)
I just noticed having the screen at 50% I got members up to 39 distance away from me
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QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
reproduction steps:
1 go to a fellow that is outside of your scouted area, and visit his/her city
2 go to world map from within that city
3 check the neighbours tool and go to the last page.
4 notice that fellow is now on that list.
5 go to own city and go to world map again
6 check neighbours tool again and notice that player now no longer is in the list.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
With the zoom out option from the browser (Firefox) I just go to the world map and get the bug.
I use this option a lot on my life account (NL1) just to farm some of the many goldmines that are around my town.
At 50% I don't need to see player names for I recognize the mines even without my glasses.


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this bug was confirmed but wasn't really fixed. Now is also on live servers.
The screenshot is from Beta. The last 2 players, from 22nd and 29th circles are my fellows.