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Fixed [39231] UI items are switched

Bor de Wolf 1965

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Game version: v1.147-beta.8-(238a4c2) - html5 (2022-02-03 18:24)
Game world: Beta
Browser/IOS/Android + version: FF latest version
Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10
Screen resolution:
Account name: Bor de Wolf 1965
Humans or Elves: Elfs


Quest title: (if applicable)

Current situation:
Some UI items are on other places

Expected situation:

Reproduction Steps
1. Just load the game

Screenshots of the bug:

UI beta.png
UI life.png

UI on Beta---------------UI on a life server
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Seems they wanted to hide notifications and fellowship buttons if NH is not enabled and messed up order while doing it.
    Zc.isNeighborlyHelpEnabled = function() {
        return !Zc.isFeatureEnabled("locked_neighbourhood")
    Zc.isGuildEnabled = function() {
        return !Zc.isFeatureUnlocked("locked_guild")
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