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Fixed [37955] Error for Neighborly Help


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I am getting FS experience today :)


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Now you get supplies only if NH was given to you not longer than 1 hour ago.
Huh??? Whaaaaat???? Like is not enough the stupid production of ch.18 that doesn't match with anything else now I should start watching and checking my Notifications every hour to see if I get a visit? Does Inno believe that we really don't have a real life whatsoever????
I truly hope you are wrong or that is a bug ... this can't be reaaaallllll!!!!!!!!


I'm not able to provide World help. The attached popup occurs. When acknowledged, the game downloads again, and is opened in the city view.


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Hug Man

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I am new here so what/how to do. I have to agree with Dollarbang. Any city without a Fellowship; popup occurs, downloads again, and back into home.
I am on Windows PC if helps.


is this issue going to be fixed? Since my beta city is just beginning Ch II, this issue is crippling. Without sufficient coins & tools - can't upgrade, can't , can't progress. Once every 24 hrs for FS members is not enough. very frustrating.
error via map and notifications

it happens in both my pc browser (Mozilla) and mobile app.
. Via Map and Notifications for ALL non FS members


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I have been having the problem for two days and it is frustrating especially since we now have the FS help points. Is there a timetable for the fix?


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I Can give help to FS and on the worldmap I Can help city that in a FS.
other get error