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Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

Ursus Major

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Version du jeu; v1.113-beta.4-(89cfadd) (2020-09-01 11:28)
HTML5 Oui / Non: oui
Monde du jeu: beta
Version Navigateur / IOS / Android +: Version : Google chrome
Flash Player: no
Système d'exploitation ou appareil mobile:
Résolution d'écran:
Nom du compte: [/ B] Ursus Major
Humains ou Elfes: Elves

Reproductibilité: 5/5 = all the time

The barracks have some problem.
1- The time blinks all time.
2- I can't use time booster on it any more
3- the window of time and cost of the army disappears and appears
4- time remaining shows in second


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Elvenar Team

Reproduction step:

- train units in Training Grouns (I was training Banshees)
- train units in Mercenary Camp (I was training Rangers)
- train units in Barrack (I was training Treants)
- collect trained Banshees and Rangers
- click on the Barrack
- see first slot of Treant blinking and reporting a negative number (increases +1 per every second)
- if you try delede this slot, game freezes and reload saying that an internal error occurred
- you can delete all other slots with no issue
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and after you open barracks once, it spams server with update requests each second, lagging the game until you reload.

Now it spams even after reload....
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I have the same issue, but so far only one other person in my fellowship has it too...
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Here is what I see :
1. Have full training queue ready to collect
2. Collect the units
3. Enter barracks and see this :

The 20:24 timer is decreasing as a normal timer. The 00s timer is stuck at 00s
4. Close barracks
5. See no production is ready.
6. Open barracks and try to cancel these productions.
7. Cancelling the second or the third slot raises an error message "you can't cancel this production" (forgot to screenshot it)
8. When I try cancelling the first slot, all slots disappear and I get 84 supplies (cost of 1 production slot). Then I can train new troops.
Additional notes : I play on app (
). My barracks is level 3 ; trains 6 troops in 24:00 minutes. I don't have other troop producing buildings nor time instants.


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Good morning,
I was able to collect training grounds and mercenary camp, but the barracks are like Primrose said "dancing" and the Treants are not ready :)


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I didn’t have problem yesterday, but today it came to my town too.
App/iOS player, chapter 3 city, having only barracks, unable to get troops. It’s a bit inconvenient during my boosted relic tourney. :-(


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Bug operates differently on mobile and browser but we sure can't train anything on the barracks. I tried in between blinks to train another slot clicking quite quickly on train but it ate up my supplies and gave me an error message, no slots too train


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I have fellows who now are experiencing this issue on all 3 buildings (barracks, merc. camp and training grounds). I don't have this problem (on all 3) only the old issue on Barracks.