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Fixed [33391] AW lists opened through chat are wrong


Well-Known Member
Game version: v1.113-beta.1-(e283e51) (2020-08-26 20:26)
HTML5 Yes/No: No
Game world: Beta 1
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Firefox 78.0.2
Flash Player version:
Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10
Screen resolution: 1980*720
Account name: iDavis
Humans or Elves: Humans

Reproducibility: 5/5

Quest title: (if applicable)

Current situation:
After some specific sequence of steps (described below), opening AW list of any member of my fellowship using "Ancient Wonders" button in chat, results in opening wrong player´s list (so far I think in every attempt it opened mine).

Expected situation:
Opens correct AW list, everytime I open it from the chat.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Open game chat
2. Choose any player and - from the chat - open his AW list
3. Select any of his wonders (in KP phase)
4. Now choose any other player from the chat and open his AW list
5. Select any of his wonders
6. Notice that the wonder you opened right now, does not belong to him, but to you (and in case you opened a wonder you don´t own, you will get "Research finished" tab)