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Fixed [33357] Amount of reward "Golden Keys" changes during fullfilling the task


Well-Known Member
Game version= v1.112-beta.8-(2a57766) (2020-08-21 09:47


Game world: beta

Browser/IOS/Android + version:+ chrome browser

Operating System or Mobile Device: w10 64 bit

Screen resolution: 1920.x1080

Account name: Brummbaer

Humans or Elves:= elves

Reproducibility: 4/5 = happens often (seems to be in correlation with the increasing keys for next task)

Current situation:

Quest (e.g. no. 35) shows 57 golden keys before completing

And 58 after completing the quest

Expected situation:

Identical numbers of golden key

Reproduction Steps

see pictures

BTW: Quest 34 stay at the same reward)