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Fixed [33210] City Disappearing as it is moved around the screen


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Game version:v1.111-beta.10-(bff0d7a) (2020-08-11 07:56)
Game world: BETA
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Browser Firefox 79.0 (64 bit)
Flash Player version:
Operating System or Mobile Device: MacBook Mac OS Catalina
Screen resolution:
Account name: Nemisis
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility:[/B] 5/5

Quest title: (if applicable)

Current situation:
City disappearing as I move around the screen

Expected situation:
For the city to remain stable and not disappear

Reproduction Steps:
1. Log on,
2. City (or about half of it appears)
3. Move city with cursor
4. Parts of city disappear and come back as the placement of the city is moved
5. Refreshing city produces same result

Screenshots of the bug:
unable to upload video or photos of this

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Elvenar Team
Thanks for your report Nemisis. I can reproduce this on windows + chrome as well.
But i have one question. Is your browser zoomed out when this happens? I can only reproduce it when zoomed out. With 100% zoom, this is not happening.


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Whilst it may not be happening at 100% zoom, it makes it even more awkward to see what it going on in the city. I have been using 67% zoom for over a year without issue....until today


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I remember something like this using flash on chrome few years ago, never even tried to zoom out since then. Tried now (on flash) - and it's perfectly zoomed to 50% without any issues (well, with vertical and horizontal lines on some textures, same as it was on flash on IE back then).


Browser: Opera x64
HTML5: City Disappearing as it is moved around the screen
Flash: No problem!

Cookies / history remove, won't work.
Reboot won't work


I'm having this same issue on my main screen and world map. Returning zoom to 100% is the only thing that has worked. I'm not having these issues in my city on the live world (US Ceravyn).


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This bug has now transferred across to Live worlds - maybe time to do something about it ?

I also play at 75% resolution and I don't have this issue. Unless one has a screen with the size of a wall, I think most of us had decreased the resolution. You just can't see the city at 100% and keep dragging it in all directions. Maybe this should be the solution, make the city to look smaller at 100% resolution - BUT DO NOT TOUCH THE FONT SIZE IN CHAT AND MESSAGES! :D
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I have never had this issue before and always played in 67% zoom. I've now changed all my cities back to Flash Player where there is no problem.


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not everybody has this issue. Apparently it's random, but I think it's related to something, cuz in En servers appeared after today's update.

EDIT - it seems it happens only In Html but not in Flash.
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@Scoobydoo - it's reported EVERYWHERE and nothing is done! Here you delete half of my post cuz I copied/ pasted a part from the Support answer (but I didn't mentioned the player\s name or the one from Support who answered), in En Forum we are suggested to play at 100% resolution. Well, we don't want to play at 100% resolution, we want YOU to solve this issue since we have it only after the yesterday's update and if using Html. This is YOUR problem if the game isn't optimized to use Html.
EDIT - Tuesday's update


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This is a confirmed bug. It says so in red at the top. On the EN server they are telling us to raise a ticket with support who are telling us to play at 100% resolution and that no other resolution will work going forward. That is not a solution, it is a workaround for something that Inno seemingly does not want to fix. Try playing your city at Ch 16 at 100% and see if you like it. I have a 28’’ monitor so you would think I could see my city properly, but I can’t. This bug came into Beta with the update last week and has arrived in EN live with this weeks update. I echo Alcaro...This is YOUR problem if the game isn’t optimised to use Html. I have returned to Flash until such time as it is fixed.


I have a 32" monitor and play ALL my cities in windows at 67% browser zoom because even on large monitors it is impossible to see more than a small part of a city, ANY city. Having a larger screen SHOULD mean you can see more of your city, but that's not the case with this game. Even my chapter 5 city is now only half visible, and buildings at edges NEVER show up. This only happens in HTML5 which we have been told we HAVE to use as Flash will no longer be an option in a few months. This is a KNOWN bug, reported in Beta when this update that "broke" it showed up, but Inno has chosen to not address it, instead rolling out the update to Live servers, with the bug still in place.


What's the point of a beta if it drops an error on a live server?Do you want to get rid of us before launching a new tournament? You did it. You can't play with this fatal bug !!!!INNO will never disappoint. No reward for bad work. I'm going to look for another game.