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Fixed [31135] Provinces after been moved twice


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Elvenar Team
Hi @Reinhardz ,

The strange thing is that I see this from your account:


So I can't seem to reproduce it. We'll have our development team take a look at the situation and find out why things are showing differently for you than for me.


That's correct. That's my new possition since march 23:rd.

After the first move the 2:nd of march it looked like this

Flyttad till en bättre position 01.JPG

Than I got moved 23:rd of march again to my current position.

BETA efter 2_a flytt nyvarande.JPG

The question is what do I do with that? and what happened to my Provinces which are onsolved ?



Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Okay, but where on your map do you find these provinces with the huge amounts of units? Or is that when opening one of your old neigbouring provinces?

Edit: I see the problem now, we will forward it. Thank you!
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So did anyone else who had this issue.. find that after the fix they lost points? On may 31, 2020 I had 32,414 and the next day I dropped down to 21k. I'm guessing that the loss of points maybe tied to the loss of world map progress? I made no major changes to my city as I don't have any teleports and I sold nothing. That's the only thing I can come up with.