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Fixed [29510] KPs in wonders are not shown anymore


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nope - still not working.
I can see who has put KP into my own wonders, but not when I vist other folks.


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Now if I visit some city with the same level of some AW as mine, I see donation stats to my own AW in that city.


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The update stated that this bug had been fixed, however it has NOT been fixed and we are STILL waiting for some progress report on this! Being as donating to AWs is a big part of this game, I would have thought we could at least recieve progress reports on this and an expected time for resolving the problem!! This is frustrating beyond belief!!


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still not working,
just emptied flash, cookies, caches, restartet, not working
other players also with flash will see the deposits in the wonders.

edit: also a lot of streaming errors
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