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Confirmed [29318] Disturbing Sound


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Game version: v1.93-beta.2-(597ec39)
HTML5 Yes/No: No
Game world: Beta
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Modzilla Firefox, current version
Flash Player version:
Operating System: windows 7
Screen resolution: 1366*768
Account name: Salador
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 4/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

Current situation: After 15-20 min of playing with music on, a disturbing sound appears or the volume goes up.
e.g https://vocaroo.com/i/s1FEWeOhh5GS
-Once stopped the music from settings, it takes 20-30 sec for the music to stop.

Expected situation: To be able to play with sound indefinitely.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Enter Game
2. Set sound and music on
3. Enter world map
4. Wait 15-20 min.

Does anyone play with sound?
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I do and experience the same issue. This actually happens when the game automatically turns the music on - for example after closing Event Intro window (for tournament, spire, or any event), also in tournaments, when changing from battle screen to world map and vice versa. This lead the game to change the music itself and it results in such a scary sounds (it also sounds like several music tracks are running in the same time).


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I keep sound on, but not music. I did check this out, but found no disturbing sound. In the city and Spire, I hear a Zen-type meditation music with the sound of birds chirping mixed in. In the tournament, I hear a wind howling, with the birds and sometimes a more suspenseful music. I don't think that would be considered a bug, but will check on it.


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@Theodore just wait longer. Let´s try it today at 16:00 when Spire round begins, log in to the game (with already turned music on), notice a music begins, then close Spire Intro window, wait for a while and you will hear more tracks are running in the same time.
This also happens when you´re switching between tournament battle selection screen and world map. Just do it several times and you get pretty bad mix of different sounds.
I have this problem both on Flash and HTML5.


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The Spire just started. My husband's computer is Windows 7. I had forgotten about it. I played city, map, Spire for about 15 minutes. Yes, I did hear loud sound. I don't know that I would call it disturbing. I will try to upload the file and let the CM decide.


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@Salador Do you just play music, or also have sound on? After about 13:50, the volume did go up and the sound changed. Still waiting for the response of others. I had both music and sound on.


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One of players from our community created event related video, where is pretty visible how does that sound look like.
It´s here, go to 1:40:50 and listen game sounds and music for 1-2 minutes.


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Confirmed. This is not dependent on Windows 7, Firefox or Flash. I duplicated the problem using that system. I also duplicated it using Windows 10, Chrome and HTML.

The steps are:
1. Open city.
2. Turn on sound and music.
3. Play the game, moving from the Spire to the city to the map; back and forth.
4. Play until the music changes to something very annoying. (The last time, I was on the map, fought some, then picked up coins. That's when the sound started.)

I cannot upload the recorded file due to its size.


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Elvenar Team
Hi guys,

Although we can hear in the file that something is off, we'll need more exact reproduction steps to be able to fix this issue. Could you find any more precise steps that trigger this sound?


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The problem occurs as soon as player´s actions result in changing background music in the game. Let´s note few examples, which I meet most often:
  • Getting to the city from the world map - this leads to changing music from world_map_music to city_background_music. Despite the fact that change itself goes well, after few seconds (or even 1-2 minutes) you can notice that city_background_music isn´t the only one running at the same time. There is also another track of music / sounds (maybe it is world_map_music or background_sounds multiplicated, it´s difficult to recognize in such a noise).
  • Tournament - selecting army and selecting encounters to fight - this leads to changing music from world_map_music (when choosing which encounter I want to play) to battle_preparation_music (when selecting troops). In this point, the mentioned problem doesn´t usually occurs immediately after 1st change, here I usually get into that after several provinces played (I get into some combination of world_map_music and battle_preparation_music).
  • Tournament - manual fight music - after playing manual battle, after several battles you can notice that battle_music doesn´t stop as you finish current fight. It might continue even after, for instance during next encounter selection (so combined with world_map_music), troops selection (so combined with battle_preparation_music), or even during next manual battle (so two battle_music are running at the same time).
  • Closing event intro window - when you close any event intro window (tournament, spire, FA, event, challenge), game automatically stops current music track (probably city_background_music) and launch the same again, from beginning. After that I experience (with similar problem as mentioned in points above)
    city_background_music and background_sounds multiplicated running at the same time.
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@Marindor Checked this bug after a long time playing with no sound an it is still present. This bug is not fixed
@iDavis Could you please confirm this.

1. Play the game, moving from the the city to the world map; back and forth.
2. Play until the music changes to something very annoying.


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Yes, the bug is still there.

My newest (and simple) reproduction steps:
1. Go play tournament
2. Play 2-3 provinces
3. After you complete them, just wait up to 1 minute with world map opened, without doing anything