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Fixed [29064] Missing "Done" button


Well-Known Member

The "Done" button is missing when using enchantments or the Move Building command. Here are some examples:
Using Pet Food:
PetFood Beta.png

Using the Move Building command:
MoveBuilding Beta.png

Notice how there's no "Done" button?

For comparison, using Pet Food on Live:
PetFood Live.png


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Actually I cannot reproduce it, everything works fine for me. Could you provide more info, please?


Well-Known Member
Took me a bit, but here's one way:
1) Log in - at this point everything works fine. Click on the Move Building button and the "Done" button is there.
2) Visit another player - doesn't matter who, and you don't need to do anything, just visit their city
3) Go back to your city
At this point the bug occurs. Click on the Move Building button and the "Done" button is no longer there.

Reloading the game fixes it - until the next time you visit a player.