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Fixed [28293] Spire - no chests on mobile


Well-Known Member
app version 1.85.1

Issue: when I open the Spire on mobile, there are no chests on map 1. Only the first 2 were completed already.
Expected: All chests except the first 2 should be visible/playable.
Reproduction steps: Yesterday, I did the first two chests on map 1 on the browser. Catered both if that matters. Did not receive a mystery chest if that matters. Today, I opened the Spire and there are no chests at all. I updated the app version. Reopened the Spire and still no chests.


New Member
My spire is completely empty on iPad no chests no gates no enemies nothing. I had completed a chest earlier 8n th day and 2 I think earlie4vin the week