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Fixed [26925] 3hr Sentient productions give 40 medelas while blimp only shows 10


Game version: v1.79-(5159db7) (2019-05-06 08:11)
HTML5: Yes
Game world: zz1
Browser + version: Chrome Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Flash Player version: -
Operating System: W7 x64 Enterprise
Screen resolution: 1920x1200
Account name: Jasper
Humans or Elves:

Reproducibility: 5/5

Current situation: 3hr Sentient bonus productions give 40 medals while blimp only shows 10. :eek:
Also 9h Sentient bonus productions shows a blimp for 20 medals while 60 are added toward progress bar.

Expected situation: Blimp to show correct number of medals.

Reproduction Steps:
  1. Start 3h(/9h) Sentient bonus production
  2. Wait till it is finished.
  3. Collect
  4. Observe blimp to show only 10(/20) medals while 40(/60) medals are added toward progress bar.

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No, it's it not ! Juni's bug report is about the sentient productions giving to much medals while mine is about the blimps not matching the values in the progress bar, two separate things. Juni wants the 3h/9h sentient productions to only give 10/20 medals like normal 3h/9h productions. :eek:
Expected situation:
__ well, I expect the correct graphics. I do understand that 3h is 3h, irrelevant of having sentient goods or regular goods
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They appear to be the same thing, with different wording. I will check with Marindor on this.


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Confirmed. There is an issue with the blimp showing the wrong number on sentient goods. The amount actually received is correct.

Screenshot (144).png
Screenshot (147).png


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To add to this, the description of the manufacturing challenge (i.e. what you see when you click on the manufacturing challenge icon in the game window) does not correctly indicate how many medals you'll get from a sentient good production. It just says 3hrs gives 10 medals, etc. This suggests a 3hr sentient good production will give 10 medals, when it actually gives 40. Likewise for the 9hr sentient good production.