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Fixed [26883] Recharge Bay not recognised for Constructs quest


Well-Known Member
Game version: v1.79-(0c8eda3) (2019-04-25 13:26)
HTML5 Yes/No: Yes
Game world: Beta1
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome 73.0.3683.103
Operating System: Windows 10
Screen resolution: 3840*2160
Account name: ledjeuf
Humans or Elves: Elf

Reproducibility: 5/5

Quest title: Fear of contact

Current situation:
After having completed the construction of a Recharge Bay, it doesn't appear as "completed" in the quest "Fear of contact"

Expected situation:
The required step "Have 1 Recharge Bay" should appear in green as "completed"

Reproduction Steps
1. Have the quest "Fear of contact" active
2. Build a Recharge Bay
3. Wait until the construction is completed
4. Look at the quest

Screenshots of the bug:


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
1) Open the quest
2) Build just the recharge bay
3) Notice the quest does not show it having been built

The recharge bay build is not recognized until the step stones are built.