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World Map 2601-2023 world map -NBH - extra button for the gold nests


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I want an extension of the branching tree world map - province overview - neighbors with new menu items:
1. New menu item
: Listing of the sum of all "gold diggers" on the world map discovered by the player.
2nd new menu item: call up the "gold diggers". If the end of the game activates this button, the corresponding total amount will be credited to his coin bank.
3rd new menu item: New environment for the player on the world map. If the gamer activates this button, he/she will be re-placed by support.

: When listing the neighbors, the gold nests (vacant spots on the developed world map) are not listed. Depending on the number of blanks, however, there are considerable coin amounts behind them, which can be very valuable, especially with a FA. They should therefore not be overlooked by the player.
If, as a player, you address the gaps, you will be relocated with your city by the support without further ado. That's not always what the player wants. This destroys sponsor networks that the player has painstakingly built up and from a certain city size (from 300 provinces upwards) it can be interesting for the player to stay in this environment because the balance between trade and self-sufficiency through buildings is balanced for him . Hence the 3rd new button. It also significantly simplifies reporting to support for regrouping.
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