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Fixed [25826] Different amount of units


Well-Known Member
Game version: PC 1.73, app 1.72.1
HTML5 Yes/No: No
Account name: Angedev
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 4/5

Current situation:
Different amount od units (Treant) in Army Camp in the app and in the browser. I've finished only 2 squad size upgrades till now.

Expected situation:
Same amount of units in browser and app.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Have some Treants
2. Check the amount in browser
3. Check the amount in app
4. See there's difference
(5. Maybe only until you finish some more SS upgrades?)

Screenshots of the bug:


Ex-Team Member
Confirmed variation between PC barracks and mobile app barracks. Left pic is of mobile app on Android v. 1.72. Right pic is of PC barracks v.1.73.

1. Open barracks on Android or iPad device. Notice troop amounts.
2. Open barracks on PC. Notice troop amounts.

Treant amounts are the same. I found a difference in the mage units.