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Fixed [25724] Buildings in Crafting show Chapter 1 level


Well-Known Member
Game version: v1.70-(206bee6) (2018-12-21 14:25)
HTML5 Yes/No: No
Game world: Beta1
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Safari 12.0.2
Flash Player version:
Operating System: MacOS Mojave 10.14.2
Screen resolution: 2560 x 1600
Account name: Arayla
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

Current situation: Buildings in the Crafting window show Chapter 1 as their level in the icon in the top right.

Expected situation: Buildings should show the current chapter icon of the city.

Reproduction Steps:

1. Open Magic Academy to the Crafting tab.

2. Hover over a building (Vallorian Valor and Traveling Merchant I both show this for me). Notice the incorrect chapter icon.

3. After clicking on a building to start crafting it, hover over the building in the crafting area and it still shows the incorrect chapter icon.

Screenshots of the bug:
Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 4.12.15 PM.png

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi folks :)
It's possible this might be a result of RR Spell being introduced then switched off. We'll keep this under investigation for now and check again when RR Spell is turned back on :)


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I checked also. Buildings in crafting do show with chapter 1. Once through crafting and in the inventory, they do show with the correct chapter number.

Loki Blue

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I crafted a time boost that said 5 hour, but when I collected it, and checked it in my inventory, it was actually a 14 hour.


I crafted a time boost that said 5 hour, but when I collected it, and checked it in my inventory, it was actually a 14 hour.
That is really weird, time boosts ain't level/chapter related. :confused: Lucky you :D


King of Bugs
1 more bug related to this, if you have set buildings and you check their set overview, the missing buildings from set all shows not only chapter I icon but also all stats are from chapter I, which is confusing a lot


Ex-Team Member
@Dony The Spire issue will require a new bug report, per Marindor. I can confirm it, once it is done. It may just be the Moonstone Library. The Mana Plant shows the proper research library. I did not go beyond the Moonstone Library to check others. I'm sure I will need to do so.