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Fixed [22807] Quest Elf Tyler Won't Leave..


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The Woodelvenstock Event ended almost 4 hours ago, but I don't think the Quest Elf Tyler got the memo, and now he won't leave. Cleared Browser Cache (Mozilla) and Flash Cache, rebooted 3 times, and still there he is in my yard! :eek:
Quest Elf Tyler.png

Loki Blue

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Elf Tyler <3 You're lucky. I've got some tusky Gene Simmons/Lemmy wannabe that's asking for tools I've no intention of giving him. I've done the infamous Flash Cache Trash myself, to no avail.

Deleted member 1508

Same thing hère ... the quest is still there ... a fetard who does not want to leave? :D:D:D


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same here too .... want's me to upgrade some buildings - someone tell them the festival is over and they have to go home!!


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I was even able to solve half of the quest "upgrade 4 buildings to Level 7 or higher " this morning :)


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Same quest for me on the upgrade buildings, seems I've completed 3 of the 4 since the event ended, so I might get lucky later when the 4th is done!


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Then my Partyer will be around a while; I'm in dwarves and he's asking to "Research 1 Technology or upgrade 1 Building to Level 18 or higher".