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Fixed [22043] KP Timer Issue


Looks like something went wrong around 01:00 o'clock, maybe issue summertime/midnight ??? :eek:


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@AmySteele It seems to be a daily/nightly issue. I am USA/EST and it has been happening every evening around this time, but then resolves itself, without refreshing page. I will try to watch tonight and see if I notice when it changes back to "normal" timer.. :confused:

EDIT TO ADD: Went off to world map to do some tourney battling and when returned to my city view, timer was counting down normally. It counted negative for over an hour prior to going to world map.

KP Timer2.jpg
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Elvenar Team
Does anyone still encounter this? is this often? I have had this myself in the past on live. But never been able to find any reproduction steps for it.


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Yes, I had a version of this yesterday with no negative time. I had 4 KPs in the bar, waited for the 5th to donate to a fellow's AW when I tried i got an internal error and when the game came back The counter rebooted to 1h until the 5th KP. Every time I reloaded the same, counter went back to 1h for the 5th KP. I changed to mobile and the counter was zeroed all the time. I opened a ticket and they fixed it. Maybe it has something to do with trying to use the KPs as soon as they pop in?


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And the bug is back with a novelty: in the app, the bar is blinking 2 KPs-3 KPs. This time I didn't try using the KPs I just noticed the blinking in the app when I was visiting my neighbours and confirmed on the browser the bug was back :(

PS: I bought one KP, the timer blinked minus a few thousand seconds and back to almost an hour to the next KP.


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had a similar issue lately
I had 19 kps in the KP bar, and the timer went to 0, bringing the total to 20
I tried to give 20 kps into a fellow's wonder, but got an internal error
trying manually, I only got the error on the last KP
finally, I bought a kp with gold and could add it to the wonder
as soon as this one was spent, the counter showed negative values, implying that I had received the 20th KP too early for the server
then why did I get it at all ?