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Fixed [20852] Mobile - Cannot log in on mobile


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Game version: 1.49.1-91deec2-0 (zz 1.51)
Game world: zz1
Browser + version: Android 7.0
Account name: MalpA
Humans or Elves: Elves

Canot login on mobile game goes to 5/16 and loading all the time


Should can log in on mobile


1) Try to log in on mobile


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It is still stuck at 5/16 loading. Is there a way to stop the loading and go back to the log in screen? I tried several ways to stop the app , but nothing helps. When I stop the app and close it and open it again, it starts loading again and then is stuck again.
I already removed the app before and installed it again so I could visit other worlds, but now I am stuck again in the loading of the beta.
So how to solve it? Remove the app again?


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Great, clearing memory of the elvenar app on mobile works! I had no idea I could do that or where, I am not an experienced user of my mobile and apps.
Thanks a lot!