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Fixed [19822] Incorrect Information on the Initiative Bar Mouse Hover Over Menu

Discussion in 'Confirmed Issues' started by Preator, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Preator

    Preator Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2015
    Game version: v1.46.0-(1680dbcdc) (2018-01-11 7:29)
    Game world: Beta
    Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome 63.0.3239.132
    Flash Player version:
    Operating System: Win 10
    Screen resolution: 1920*1080
    Account name: Preator
    Humans or Elves: Elves

    Reproducibility: 3/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

    Quest title: N/A

    Current situation:
    Sometimes the initiative bar shows wrong level units. Even if the squad consists of level 3 units, the initiative bar shows level 1 units. (I couldn't test this with level 2 units because i don't have any province with level 2 units currently)

    Expected situation:
    The information of the units to be shown correctly.

    Reproduction Steps
    Find a province to fight, which has at least one squad with level 3 units (world map or tournament, it doesn't matter).
    2. Start battle.
    3. Hover your mouse on one of the level 3 units' squad on the initiative bar.
    4. Observe that the information about the squad shows the unit to be level 1. Not only the star count is wrong, but also all the unit information is level 1 unit information, health, damage, special abilities etc.
    5. Click on the "i"nformation button and open "Unit Information" window.
    6. Observe that the information is correct on this window.
    7. Repeat steps 3-6 for other level 3 units to observe some of them are correct whereas some others are not.

    Battle Information Screen - Enemy all 3 star units:

    Army Setup Screen - Mouse Hover Over Screen shows correct value as 3 star for Thornrose Mage:

    Battle Screen - Initiative Bar Mouse Hover Over Screen shows incorrect value as 1 star for Thornrose Mage (Well, the damage values are incorrect even for level 1 units. Something is really messed up in here):

    Battle Screen - Unit Information Window shows correct value as 3 star for Thornrose Mage:

    Additional Information:
    The other units of the battle on the above screenshots have the same problem as the thornrose mage. But this is not always the case. At some other battles, some of the units show correct values whereas some other units show wrong values.

    Some other screenshots:

    Army Setup:

    Battle Screen - Cerberus - Correct Information:

    Battle Screen - Hellhound - Incorrect Information:

    Battle Screen - Steinling - Incorrect Information:

    P.S: Missing gridlines again :(
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
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  2. Tajanstvena

    QA Moderator
    Elvenar Team

    Oct 10, 2016
    Well noticed Preator :), confirmed.

    P.S. For missing gridlines still cant help you, it seems that you are magnet for missing gridlines :D. We all have it and cant reproduce it for now.

    P.S.2 Your report deserves clear 10 or A (it depends in which country you live)
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