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Fixed [19803] Repeating quests don't load a second cycle


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Game version: v1.41.1-12f5aba-0 zz 1.43 (former game version worked fine, updated today)
Game world: beta
Browser /Android version: Android 5.1.1
Flash Player version: ??
Operating System:
Screen resolution: Nexus 10 Tablet
Account name: Flabbes
Humans or Elves: Human

Reproducibility: 5/5
(1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

Quest title: none

Current situation:
When I cycle through the repeating questline, the quest don't load after the first round. You need to reload the game to get the questline again - the storyquest works fine.

Expected situation:
To get always the repeating quests

Reproduction Steps
1. cycle through the repeating quests (decline or finish, it doesen't matter)
2. after 1 cycle the quest don't load

Screenshots of the bug:
still can't provide a screenshot from tablet :oops:


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Seems very hard to investigate this error :eek:
Is anyone else using the app (not on bluestacks^^) and can confirm this issue?
A screenshot would be great :cool:

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
@AmySteele did you forget this issue?
Unfortunately I have so far been unable to reproduce this issue. Without further reports or information, for now we will have to set this cannot reproduce. Should it be able to be reproduced in future, we will.of course re-open this issue


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Took yesterday in live pictures with my cell phone of my tablet, even when it's the "wrong" language, it shows the issue pretty good.
As the issue is still a 5/5 for me and pretty easy to confirm I don't give up here.

As you can see, the second quest is simply missing.

Again reproduction steps, maybe it wasn't clear enough in the first explanation:

1. play with app
2. have some advanced tools (3h supplies) ready to pick up (at least 4x)
3. cycle to quest, pick up 2x tools & coins and fulfill the quest
4. cycle through the repeating quests until you hit the same quest again (should not appear again)

You still can fulfill the quest a second time, even when you are not seeing it, the exclamation mark will appear, but you can't collect reward, as you don't see the quest.
Closing the game at this stage and opening again fix it for once - you can collect the quest reward, but when you cycle directly afterwards again through the quests, it will be again a blank spot.
Very annoying :confused:



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I'm a pain, I know :p:D
Issue is still present, so quite easy to reproduce, it is a 5/5 - can't understand you are not able to confirm it.

Only thing I can think of:
the behavior is wanted by the devs to avoid too much using of the cycle, but then you still just can be honest and tell it o_O

It would be nice when other players check it in the mobile version and tell, if they are able to reproduce the issue - thank you :)


Confirming that this problem was here for a long time. Each time you need to close app and reopen it. There is some problem with uploading screenshots so unable to attach images.


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Note for QA - to reproduce this bug you need not just cycle quests, but finish at least one of them. On next cycle you wouldn't see it.


Ex-Team Member
I tried to reproduce this, but I seem to have no issue on mobile I get the next quest right away as I finish the active one. Is it with all your reoccurring quests or only with specific ones?


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I get the next quest right away as I finish the active one
Of course do you get the next quest ;) The problem appears when you go on declining (or solving) the following quests until you reach the point of the first solved quest, then the (second) questgiver (for repeating quests) don't appear until you reload the game. That is what you can see in the screenshots, only one questgiver is left.

Maybe it's clear now how to reproduce this 5/5 bug :D


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And it's happening on live PC (non-mobile) now too, the same way it has on mobile and Beta for the last month..


Indeed, now the devs are even bringing bugs from the mobile version to the PC. :( Very annoying.


Ex-Team Member
I could reproduce this now :)
Reproduction steps:
1. Complete one re-occurring quest and accept reward
2. Cycle through all the re-occurring quests completing a full cycle till you reach the one you just completed
3. At that point the re-occurring quest line will disappear.