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13-Chest FS "Shores of the Unknown" welcomes you :)


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Welcome to the shining Shores of the Unknown !

We are a young and promising team with a friendly, relaxed and tolerant playing style, developing fast up to now 13-14 tournament chests and silver Spire (halfway to gold).

Our chat language is English, our members are mostly very experienced players stemming from prospering FS on live servers around the world.

Our cities are well distributed among chapters 6-14, our typical tournament contribution varies between 2,000-4,000 points, with some ambitious players making more and some also less.

We have a very kind archmage, who is tending very well to our FS and even writing beautiful lores for us, we have a smoothly running wonder chain (and quickfills) and are provided with helpful excel charts, links and event- questlists. Our chat is lively, I would say, though there are quiet days, too.

This time we want to welcome an active player who is comfortable with 2000-3000 tournament points and who enjoys playing and progressing.

So to you, who likes to feel the fresh sea breeze of movement in your gameplay,

a happy welcome to the Shores of the Unknown :)


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Lovely description. I hope you know that the name of the FS doesn't exist. :) Exist only The Shores.

Good luck!