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Fixed [12960] Internal error when I aid a neighbour.


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It appears our fellowship member, on whose city we experience this error (who is also @Elderflower original neighbor causing the issue), has joined us after 04/02, so a little more than 1 week ago, at the most.


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Thank you guys! We have now forwarded the report, but should you have any common factors or new names that haven't been mentioned yet, please let us know. The more info we have, the better we can investigate. Thank you for your help!
This happened yesterday to one of my fellowship members..(happened 3 times to this person). Today I didn't have a problem with him BUT as I was visiting neighbors it happened again (3 more times ) to someone else.


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Elvenar Team
This happened yesterday to one of my fellowship members..(happened 3 times to this person). Today I didn't have a problem with him BUT as I was visiting neighbors it happened again (3 more times ) to someone else.
Ok, could you please provide us with the names of the affected accounts please, so we can investigate further?


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player account Rosty produced that error yesterday and it still produce that error today. It looked like a dead account in my fellowship, but this morning, he have a spell going on in his city, and I don't think he had yesterday. Seem to indicate that this is related to be inactive invalid. I cannot tell for the 2nd person who was affected by the bug because I did polish instead of giving coins, and I don't remember who it was.


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having it with a fellow who's been inactive for a while now (2 building upgrades in progress for more than 1 month ...)
NH on MH triggers error message;
the neighbour with whom I had the error y-day could be helped on his MH today on first try


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I have seen this error twice today, by revisiting the city and polishing instead of donating, I was able to "help" withoit an error. Does look like coin storage filled.


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Names of players
Flashman, Mainhall Level 7
ScardyPants, Mainhall Level 5

Edited 13.02.2017
jgerken, Mainhall Level 1
arthur89, Mainhall Level3
AngelFaye, Mainhall Level 10
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The player in our fellowship (name reminder:
) is a very active daily player.

ETA: People are having trouble with two other players in our fellowship now:
SoggyShorts and Atdeathsgate. Atdeathsgate is currently on sabbatical and thus inactive. Our Soggs is technically on vacation but has been playing. We have a third player also on sabbatical, Merkus Vermoot, who has also been inactive for a few weeks, and I've been hitting his MH without any problems.
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This is happening everywhere. In my Elcysandir city, where I am in the Orc Chapter and log on every day, several of my fellowship members have said that they are unable to help me via Main Hall without getting the error message and having to reload. They can however help any of my culture items, with no crash. On Arendyll, in my Fellowship, there are several members saying if they click Main Hall for any fellowship member they crash (this fellowship is new and has only 9 members). Here on beta, in addition to not being able to help certain fellowship members...again only at the Main Hall...one member reported that her boosted tier 1 marble factories decreased in out put from 80 to 21 every 3 hours. In each of these fellowships the main link has been the Main Hall. However for some members clicking the Main Hall or any other help in anyone city does not lead to crashing. Some fellowship members have not crashed at all at any time.


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The game gave an internal error twice today when trying to help the main hall of player Skamar Helping his culture was no problem. I didn't have this problem yesterday as far as I can remember, nor did I have this problem with player Wolphy today, helped his MH without an error.


Azralien - MH lvl 2
stormborn - MH lvl 17
SangueNosZoios - MH lvl 15

that's all...
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Today I encountered this with a different neighbour
again this was only on their Main Hall. Once the game had reloaded itself I was able to help a cultural building in their city without incident.
My original neighbour
is also still causing the error
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Just in case it's helpful to indicate which players' cities currently allow me to hit the MH without crashing the game, here's a list:


Now having new problems with

Merkus Vermoot


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New occurrences reported by fellowship members when trying to help the MH for this member (which is also @Elderflower's neighbor):

Also, one of our members encountered the issue when trying to help the MH of one of her neighbors:
maxine48 encountered the issue trying to help the MH in Antigone70's city (4 attempts, all leading to an error and crash).
maxine48 was then able to polish a cultural building without any problem.


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Additional (maybe helpful) information

I have cleared my Mainhall (collect all coins)

After receiving 3 time help to the Mainhall the displayed coins are corresponding to one times help.
Collecting the coins results in the correct - 3 time amount of help - adding to the coin amount


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Did't read all reports here, so just a (hopefully not stupid) question which might help find this bug:
Does this happen when the MH of a player is "full"? In other words, if that player received too much help already on that MH and didn't pick up the coins yet? Then it might happen with inactive players, but also with active players that got a lot of help and didn't pick it up fast enough.
It happened with 2 players in my FS, but one of them is rather active, just logs not in every day.


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My fellowship member who encountered the problem yesterday, on a neighbor who appears to be quite active (usually helping back at least a few times a week), wrote her to try getting some feedback on her MH status, possible notifications, coins received, ...., to try determining possible causes (no answer yet).

Maybe should we all do the same, when applicable (active target causing the issue), and share the results here when available ;)...

Have you tried that with your quite active FS member, @Anne65?