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1 sponsored membership available in 10 chest fellowship


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Narnia's Land is a high-achieving 10-chest fellowship that is now offering 1 sponsored membership to a small city that is keen to contribute (even if you can't contribute much yet), wants to grow quickly, and is interested in joining our fellowship for the long term.

What this will involve is you will be given extra support to grow quickly, such as being encouraged to put up 0-star trades as often as needed, which will then be accepted by some of our bigger players. This will allow you to rapidly gain lots of goods, quickly advance your city through the earliest part of the game, easily get optional things like wonders, and have the ability to do more than you might otherwise be capable of in the world map, tournament, spire, etc. During this period there will be no expectations or requirements for your city, and it's fine if you do very little in things like the tournament.
As you get bigger, and your capabilities increase, you will be expected to make a reasonable effort in the tournament, and eventually no longer need 0-star trades. This sponsorship is designed to get you to that point quicker, all while being in a high-achieving fellowship, which will give you access to good prizes in things like the tournament, spire, and adventure.

In addition to this sponsorship, you will also enjoy these benefits as part of being a member of our fellowship:
- 10 chests in every tournament
- 3 chests in every Adventure
- silver medal or higher in every spire
- several very active KP exchange threads
- friendly and supportive community
- easy access to trades

To be eligible for this sponsorship you just have to:
- have a small enough city that you think you could benefit from this type of support
- be keen to contribute as much as you reasonably can (once you are large enough to do so)
- be sufficiently experienced that you have a reasonable idea of how to play the game and know that this is something you intend to stick with for a while. (You don't need to know everything though, and we're more than happy to help you out with any questions you might have.)
- be reasonably confident our fellowship is the type of fellowship you'd like to be a part of for the foreseeable future

If you think this sounds like you, please message me (UlyssesBlue) in-game, and just tell me a little about you and your city.

Note: In addition to this sponsored position, we also have a standard/non-sponsored position available for larger cities.


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We currently have 1 more place free, and are offering it as either a standard membership for a larger city, or a sponsored membership for a smaller city. Message me in game if interested and/or send an application.