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⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️

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⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️
Hello dears Elvenarians ;).

I live in France and have too a most advanced city on the french server. I came to beta by interest for the previews and for being able to create an international group.

As an archmage my challenge is to create and maintain an active team by balancing gaming investment and everyone's real life obligations, with it’s own identity.
⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️
Our fellowship, Iselnd'Hÿr, search for actives members :human:.

Alone, or members of a little fellowship which have difficulty to recruit and search to merge with another FS, you can join us.

Apply or contact preferably directly through the game, simply write a private message to me, LeChaland.

And even if we seems full, there may be places that can be vacated, Inno provided to me a green button, and a red one too ....

✓ Required conditions :
• Chapter III validated, this to avoid that you may be only curious about the game.
• At least one installed wonder, for the endless KP :kp: exchange chains.

⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️
✓ Once integrated, it is expected from you to :
• Be really active, basic.
• Polish other members, systematically.
• Regularly climb as much as possible this damned spire.
• Participate at each tournaments, with a logical score according your rank.

➫ All these criteria are monitored and used for the management of the team in case that a choice is needed.

✓ We are not a fellowship that seeks absolute performance, however we have these goals every week :
• Win a spire trophy, hard but great rewards. ⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️
• Unlock a maximum of chests at the tournament, usefull for evolve.
• Try to gain a lot of Fellowship Experience Points, to upgrading the perks.

☆ A reward system for the strongest contributor to each tournament is active.

⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️
• No stifling rules, no performance race, just have the spirit of fellowship. Interact with other members while remaining quiet, to have a good time and play together for a better experience.

• Participate respectfully :) with a minimal activity, also more generally in the team’s life to keep it dynamic and alive. Otherwise, it is useless to be a part of any fellowship, and unfair to get everything from one without bring back to it a minimum.

• Factory productions boosted exclusively with equal offers at the trader :coin: .
It is however allowed to occasionally ask for help, warn on the instant messaging before. ⚔️ Iselnd'Hÿr ⚔️

• Adventures, without being excluded, are not the priority of this fellowship. Managing to open only one path by card is a good compromise.
More or reaching a temporary rank being secondary.

• Having more than one account in the fellowship is not allowed.

• Any member who become insufficiently active, disrespectful, play alone, or ignore archmage warnings, could be expelled. Of course, absences forewarned are accepted.

• Rules and minimum goals may change as the fellowship evolves, but will never be oppressive. Real life comes first, always.

• French or English can be used, English remaining the main language as it is international. Everyone from all over the world, and also from the rest of the universe, is welcome :D .

Hoping to see you soon ...
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