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  1. Empress Dee

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    You don't. If you join after event starts, you are out of luck.
  2. Empress Dee

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Was working fine last night on mobile, now unreadable (in background) again
  3. Empress Dee

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Contribution roster looks awesome on web version, unusable on mobile.
  4. Empress Dee

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Where is the window that tells us who placed?
  5. Empress Dee

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Can you post a link to a spreadsheet or the actual data rather than a picture?
  6. Empress Dee

    Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    I I used to be able to get a fully-evolved item plus. They then restricted how many quests you could do, which results in not being able to get all of the artifacts UNLESS YOU SPEND MONEY. I'm sure this is by design. I get that they need to make money, and I have bought a lot of diamonds in the...
  7. Empress Dee

    User Interface Add Spire and Tourney Bank totals to main fellowship page.

    Possible that I missed it, but I'd like to be able to tell how many points are in bank while the event is not. Active, rather than just the possible size of the bank.
  8. Empress Dee

    Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    I posted this in suggestions, but given that they skipped the last FA, this event should include prize that allows you to get Bobbin's artifacts.
  9. Empress Dee

    Events Skipped FA & artifacts

    I'm all on board with the skippd FA in beta, but the problem is that it doesn't give ppl opportunity to pick up missing artifacts. I you skip FA in live worlds, please make sure that the artifacts are available in the event.
  10. Empress Dee

    Events FA checklist

    It would be incredibly helpful if a tab were added to Fellowship during Fellowship Adventure indicating wherther a member has placed in each stage. Name, stage1, stage2, stage3 _______________________________ JohnDoe, yes,no,yes Frodo,no,no,no Bilbo,yes,yes,yes
  11. Empress Dee

    New Game Features Spectral stone

    Ther spectral stone is placed too close to other resources, way too easy to accidently spend it. Its also pretty worthless in that it only applies to one slot rather than the whole encounter.
  12. Empress Dee

    Spectral Stone in Spire [screenshot]

    This shows without the division in mobile. It is WAY TOO EASY to accidently spend it, should be further separated so that you can't soend unintentionally. Also, its pretty worthless that it only appliest to one square, not the whole encounter.
  13. Empress Dee

    Fixed [38007]server error on NH

    Same issue on Android mobile. REALLY frustrating as my current task is to give neighborly help.
  14. Empress Dee

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    So bonus VV are with every recipe crafted? I.e. you craft something worth 1 VV, and get 4 as long as bear is fed?
  15. Empress Dee

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Stats work
  16. Empress Dee

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Anyone have a screenshot of a stage 10 red panda? We were having a debate about what the value truly was on it.
  17. Empress Dee

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Each is 4x3, so you basically used 96 squares to do that. Really expensive space wise.
  18. Empress Dee

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Anyone else having a problem crafting an old bear artifact? I have 3 red pandas, but the 2 required is still in red.
  19. Empress Dee

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    REALLY don't like the new event. The prizes are blah at best, not a single good one to date. The only one that is even close is too gross to leave in the city (tongue). The leagues thing looked good at first, but as time went on, and started falling further and further behind, becomes zero...
  20. Empress Dee

    checkmark move

    @Lovec Krys I don't want it to always be marked. Usually during an FA I like to split productions.