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  1. iDavis

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I first hoped it's a typo, but then I saw it is really used in both sets data and evo buildings data. This will be a tough one :D
  2. iDavis

    Discussion Theater Zodiac

    Both game files and mobile app say there are 5 encounters required for Combining Catalyst. I would assume that the browser version has some visual error (as it actually still counts only until 5 and then you get the CC).
  3. iDavis

    Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    If you are running out of Crafting resources and you are interested in building new wonders, you may want to prepare some resources in advance as they will be required for constructing and upgrading the new Chapter 21 wonders: Both of them require Spell Fragments, Combining Catalysts and...
  4. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Currently the G version is planned with slightly updated requirements, but of course, it can still change before the FA starts.
  5. iDavis

    Discussion Floral Awakening

    Interesting to see leagues in shuffle-type event. I don't remember this happening ever before. And the new portraits in my opinion look really cool
  6. iDavis

    The lead up to a new community adventure

    It seems like it is an intended new setting by Innogames. We were getting the in-game countdown banner 3 days before the events start, but now we are only receiving it 48 hours in advance. It also happened with Mama Juul event on live servers.
  7. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Currently planned rewards and requirements (map G) for the upcoming adventure:
  8. iDavis

    Discussion The Season of Joy

    I have added the list of available Season Blessings to my website. You can select the Season of Joy from the select box at the top of the page and then go to the Blessings tab in the left panel.
  9. iDavis

    Discussion The Season of Joy

    All rewards of Season of Joy are now tracked on my page. Note that you need to choose the "Season of Joy" from the drop-down menu at the top of the site first (I will keep the Season of Dreams as a default option until it is over on live servers).
  10. iDavis

    Discussion Realm of the Phoenix

    New buildings are now available to see here and the space for tracking daily prizes is prepared here. The Quests list and Chests comparator - I will add both of them soon.
  11. iDavis

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    I have uploaded the newest tool for my website - Playground. Playground is a simulation of The Great Excavation event mechanic. It allows you to use provisions to purchase tools, use the tools to clear the ancient city and uncover rewards to keep progressing on the progress lane. The aim of...
  12. iDavis

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    All new buildings are now available to preview here, the space for event information (including daily prizes, quests and more) is prepared here. Because the Secrets of Alchemy event is still in its relatively early stage on Live servers, I do not want to make the Great Excavation the default...
  13. iDavis

    Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    It also seems that we have moved back to standard/basic goods being required in quests, while in last few events we already had the option to produce *any* goods. Let's see if it is intended or it gets changed in the next updates..
  14. iDavis

    Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    The content on my site is now ready for the new event. Make sure to refresh with CTRL+F5 if no new stuff would appear for you yet.
  15. iDavis

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    I have created a new page on my website - Seasons. Some parts of this page are still work in progress, but its content that is intended as the main one is now fully implemented and is available under the Season Pass tab (that can be found within the left bar on the site). The primary purpose is...
  16. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    @Lelanya no this shouldn't be changed in the game. It's just the way I represent badges on my website and rather a matter of choice, I can easily change it in case it is more meaningful to have them alike..
  17. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    All the map requirements for this new FA version (called mpe_h) are now available to see here. In case no content would appear for you yet, make sure to refresh the page with CTRL+F5.
  18. iDavis

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    @Lelanya you need to collect all keys first (complete all daily quests). Details about the final Somnial Pool building are available here.
  19. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic 2022

    There were more changes in quests, except for replaced "Buy X KP" by "Produce 4x 9h productions" there were also added some alternatives to gaining spell fragments. Full version is now updated here. I have also added information to the All Events page about Sets where the respective Daily...
  20. iDavis

    Discussion The Cauldron

    I won't be having mine video on this one, but we prepared the usual feature explaining video that will cover all its important details. Not sure about the release date, but I'm pretty sure it will be there when Cauldron hits the live servers.