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  1. Reina del mar

    very new rule

    So, this is probably he reason for this announcement: I reported a bug on beta forum. But somebody else reported it on Discord. Discord wins, of course as INNO need hype for being on Discord. TBH this is not about diams. It;s about rules and how rules are changed in the middle of the game. I...
  2. Reina del mar

    Confirmed [45319] Visual glitch

    Game version: v1.184-beta.8-(814587f) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome Operating System or Mobile Device: Win 11 Screen resolution: 1920x1080 Account name: Reina del Mar Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens...
  3. Reina del mar

    Question Change in displaying capacity

    And why colors are so misleading? Shouldn't be red the sign for max capacity? Where are these changes documented, please? So that I understand also the reason for them.
  4. Reina del mar

    Question Change in displaying capacity

    Why this change? Before I could see the maximum storage, now not.
  5. Reina del mar

    Question Hobby room for everyone?

    No, the point is that this test is running in live servers as well. And some have this tiny advantage and some not. I have no issue testing it on beta - but randomly on live?
  6. Reina del mar

    Question Hobby room for everyone?

    Hi! I am not a fan of ads in the game but seeing that months passed since introduced and many do not have the feature yet makes me questionning if this is forgotten for the rest of players. We had a fellowship adventure event on live server and of course the hobby room came in handy for those...
  7. Reina del mar

    Fixed [45250] Problem with task 83 of the new race

    On my live server there is a player with exactly same issue. Apparently they count only if you pick one by one. Probably you should open a bug ticket cause it does not make any sense the way it works right now.
  8. Reina del mar

    Undocumented changes

    You are right. I don't like this feature so I am very rarely donating and just press some buttons on Sunday, that's it :) That is why I assumed only on Sunday it can be brewed.
  9. Reina del mar

    Undocumented changes

    thanks, clear. For some reason I thought it's only Sunday you can brew.
  10. Reina del mar

    Undocumented changes

    To have the potions brewed? Not so sure. I have boost on provisions which as I recall was available only on Sundays.
  11. Reina del mar

    Undocumented changes

    Also cauldron is available for brewing today? On main account not, but on the small one:
  12. Reina del mar

    Songs corner