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  1. faeofthesea

    Duplicate Current daily prize tootip show chapter1 stats

    This happened in my city as well.
  2. faeofthesea

    Fixed [32078] See event from LIVE and BETA sametime

    Also happened on PC
  3. faeofthesea

    Fixed [13565] Donating KP does not satisfy quest

    I experienced the same problem when donating to a fellows AW. I have a small city - no AW yet so cannot confirm if it works with your own AW.
  4. faeofthesea

    Fixed [30783] Internal error when trying to change profile picture

    Game version: (rigv1.100-beta.9-(25d797d) (2020-03-05 20:26) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Flash Player version: Operating System Screen resolution: Account name: faeofthesea Humans Reproducibility: 5/5 Quest title: (if applicable) Current situation: This is my first...