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  1. N0RDIC

    Ads in the game?

    I didn't come across this thread either. I then disabled the adblocker. I logged out of the forum and then logged back in and then it worked that i could read this thread. Of course it could all have been coincidence :confused:
  2. N0RDIC

    Ads in the game?

    Then turn off the adblocker. I couldn't access here either - when I turned off the adblocker, it worked.
  3. N0RDIC

    Discussion Realm of the Phoenix

    Oh - just 48 general quests and 22 daily quests One might think that INNO is saving event currency so that diamonds can be spent on the phoenix.
  4. N0RDIC

    Fixed [43637] Screen corruption in the Spire when viewing team progress

    I have the same problem as Alcaro
  5. N0RDIC

    Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination

    I find that completely unacceptable. Something like this, should be announced in advance so that everyone can note their stocks of diamonds and check them later. It's just unprofessional and leaves a very bitter aftertaste.
  6. N0RDIC

    Fixed no log-in via browser possible

    Yes - it works again :)
  7. N0RDIC

    Fixed no log-in via browser possible

    I have the same Problem
  8. N0RDIC

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    Click the bell below your profile picture. In the Neighborhood Helplist there should be a message (Mentor Tanavar) from the system that you opened a chest. The message appears when you log in, for the first time the next day.
  9. N0RDIC

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    Has something changed when picking up the daily prices? Or has an error crept in? After completing the daily task, I can no longer manually collect the prize from the chest. The "claim" button is no longer displayed. I get the daily price automatically, booked by the system, the next day.
  10. N0RDIC

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I thought the coin collection amounts were reduced. I now need to collect 4620k coins last FA it was only 3696k in the same chapter The announcement stated that the coins have been reduced by 17% and it is easier to get the badge. Apparently someone doesn't know how to calculate percentages ;-))
  11. N0RDIC

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    However, the Winter Event quest cannot be completed if you have already completed the daily quest. Edit: Beta is English only, so please comment in every thread on Beta in English!