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  1. Other "Produce" Pet Food in the MA as well as craft it.

    I agree with ayvinul. I'd like more pet food. Speaking from my own experience, I'm an active player, I make as much pet food as I can and I have strategies for making efficient use of my pet food, but that means I always end up feeding the same pets, and very few of them. That's no fun! And what...
  2. A new event - no Fellowship Adventure ?

    Maybe the next FA will give us a multi-use artifact - Twilight Phoenix plus something else. If back to back events are going to be the new normal, would help if we got an artifact at Bronze level.
  3. Discussion Release Notes version 1.144

    Well I'm still not seeing a benefit. Even with the ccs, the enchantments all fitted on one page - didn't look like clutter to me :) There must be more useful ways to use programmer time on (like maybe some new FA maps please? I could recite the current one in my sleep) Inno, if you do take this...
  4. Discussion Release Notes version 1.144

    Dear Marindor. You are right about the inconvenience! If we were going to lose uncollected CCS, a bit of warning would have been good. What I don't understand is why Inno is making the changes. Why, in the long term will do you think these changes will make the game better?