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  1. King Luckybaby

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Halloween 2023 Thank you David (iDavis) https://idavis-elvenar.com/buildings.html# Introduced in event: Change in - ALL Search: Write - SOUL LAB You see the Soul Lab Next to the photo Set building: Soul Experiments If you open this – you see under the Soul Lab the other buildings
  2. King Luckybaby

    Discussion Theater Zodiac

    Thank you iDavis :) https://idavis-elvenar.com/buildings.html On the left side – Introduced in Event ….. Autumn Zodiac In the middle .... Filter & Generate We see the Tinlug and some new Buildings
  3. King Luckybaby

    Locker vom Hocker

    We are looking for new players Our communication is in German Wir sind eine Deutsche Gilde auf der Suche nach neuen Städten Wir unterhalten uns auf Deutsch Interesse ? Dann komm doch auf ein "Probetraining" vorbei
  4. King Luckybaby

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    FA - I see no Problems ! The versions are always - approxemately - the same :)
  5. King Luckybaby

    Chapter XXi

    Chapter XXI can come I do not have a vacation :cool:
  6. King Luckybaby

    Is Beta dying?

    I get gifts every day :) Season Login with the app For me - it is more than enough ;)
  7. King Luckybaby

    Ads in the game?

    Conclusion With app - the advertising is long On the PC - it is very short So I use the PC for that Seasons Login App And now this I get some rewards from everyone Why not ? I like it :)
  8. King Luckybaby

    Ads in the game?

    My ADBlock is active and ... it works
  9. King Luckybaby

    Spire A Bear for the Spire

    There was a opinion poll a few months ago - what should change in the game With this suggestion I got the third or fourth place I believe, for the time reducing, we get a Bear for the spire ;)
  10. King Luckybaby

    Fixed [43483] Tournament chests

    With app 1 minute ago I have done it :) It worked :cool:
  11. King Luckybaby

    City Unify AncWonders maximum production time and allow "early collection"

    I agree I made this idea twice ;) https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/wonder-change-production-time.16611/#post-107756
  12. King Luckybaby

    Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    Where are the new Artifacts ? :)
  13. King Luckybaby

    Poll Brainstorming Collection #1 - Events

    My wish .... An event building - like the polar bear Reducing the waiting time in the spire
  14. King Luckybaby

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    We need more pet food - really ? What do you do with the pet food ? Sometimes - I use pet food for the goods Every week - I use pet food for the tournaments I still have enough of it :cool: And .... In my spells inventory - there are 2 Savory Bites
  15. King Luckybaby

    Not a Bug Goblets don't stay if not used in the cauldron

    https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/the-cauldron.18156/#post-110559 But make sure to use up all of the Trophy Goblets and Witch Points, since they cannot be carried over to the following week.
  16. King Luckybaby

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    We have finished the Fellowship Adventures :) Yes - it was realy very hard ;) :cool: :cool: :cool:
  17. King Luckybaby

    Discussion The Cauldron

    The cauldron after 2 weeks Every week - I got the desired effect for the troops :) And some other effects These effects were also - a little - good for my city I increased the ingredients for the troops I do that every week The effect for the troop-ingredients shows me the maximum...
  18. King Luckybaby

    Discussion The Cauldron

    I "loved" the Spire from the first day And - I like the Cauldron :cool:
  19. King Luckybaby

    Cauldron… ??

    My question .... The cauldron Is automatically in the Magic Academy ? Or - first unlock research ?
  20. King Luckybaby

    Discussion Winter Magic 2022

    Thank you I think ..... I need a dog - a guide dog :cool: Or - at least ... glasses :):):)