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  1. Poll Brainstorming Collection #1 - Events

    I would really like a prize building that does not expire that makes pet food. There are so many buildings that need pet food now. We really need an increase in pet food availability/quantity.
  2. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    I wish there was a reward for Fellowships that do well in the Fellowship Adventures, though. I play in 3 Fellowships that are top 3 FA winners, and it would be cool to get an extra reward for that hard work.
  3. Cannot reproduce world map has issues

    I said the last part wrong - the FS flags are there but there is something wrong with the way the player/city names looks.
  4. Cannot reproduce world map has issues

    The scout is missing, type of provinces (ex. planks, dust) are missing, fs flags are missing.
  5. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    carpenters are still on there
  6. Cannot reproduce No spring Seeds since 17:00 this day

    I have also not gotten seeds today.
  7. Discussion May Celebrations

    The multiple requests for very large amounts of vision vapor are disappointing and really hard to do. Also, no seeds are appearing in my land today. yesterday they popped up as is normal in this type of quest, but today I have gotten 0 in the past 3 or more hours.
  8. Not a Bug elvarian carnival issue

    It is not counting trades accepted from the wholesaler under "Accept 5 trades".