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  1. Moncsociusz

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Who needs more relics??? uhhhh
  2. Moncsociusz

    City Increase AW maximum level

    It would be nice to improve the usefulness of wonders as they occupy pretty big spaces. And end players have loads of KPs nowhere to spend. Even if it impacts the fight algorithm, this should be an option for each individual to decide what they want to invest in and improve the usefulness of...
  3. Moncsociusz

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    Exactly. The bundles were valuable and balanced equipment wise. With enough parts that you could comfortably advance. Now I barely can advance as I need shovels to use the rest of the tools. Right now I think the bundles are just marginally better as buying things by themselves. But then I can...
  4. Moncsociusz

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    Is the 140 provision package should contain only 1 shovel? This seems like a big change from before. And it is really expensive to advance as you need one square open to put the others down.
  5. Moncsociusz

    Weekly Tournament

    I think the tourneys weekly are amazing. And we get more and more army instants, supporting and resurrection spells, armories. So it is easier to fight for sure. But you don't need to fight every week until collapsing. In the earlier chaps you can go further with catering and when you are strong...
  6. Moncsociusz

    Poll Brainstorming Collection #1 - Events

    I had this idea before to improve the quest line by marrying with the FA continuous collection. I would still love to see this as it would make the league system much more exciting and rewarding. As from the first day it would be possible to get more daily buildings.
  7. Moncsociusz

    Improve the perks by adding new perks and adding more levels

    I think the are plenty of options. The perks are generally good for any player, but scalable and could be a unique combination for each fellowship. It could give health boost for troops, decreasing negotiation costs. Could give items weekly, like instants. Supply and gold instants would be...
  8. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    Came to say the same thing
  9. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    Thank you everyone who liked the idea or had constructive feedback :) I hope sooner or later we are going to have some use of the excess relics. Fingers crossed. I feel like some people didn't understand the idea that well and sorry that I couldn't explain it better.
  10. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    I haven't thought about that, but great point, too! :) It gives you more control how you want to play.
  11. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    I believe your relics could be lower of the ascended ones, because you used it up for crafting fabrications and CCs. But how many do you have extra from the other relics? Even if you are a new player. It is easy to get insane amount of relics from the tourneys and magic academy for any relics...
  12. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    I didn't specify how they make this happen so the Devs can implement as you suggest it as well. So why vote no then?
  13. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    And of course happy holidays to all of you guys!
  14. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    Hi guys! I think we need 20 votes and 80% to get this forwarded. So we only need a tiny bit. I think this idea is still really useful for everyone. Especially if you are only starting as this gives you a boost in the magic academy. All the features, even the cauldron and would help even with...
  15. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    That we make relics to be able to broken down to shards. Disenchant them for example in the magic academy. This will help all the players to craft more, use in the cauldron critical boost function and equalise people a bit more without several moon libraries. Mostly, boost tourney...
  16. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    Sorry Vaeri! I don't know how I missed your post. I leave it to the Devs if it gets there. I think they will get the idea. Thank you!
  17. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    My problem with the FA that lot of badges are stuck and people can't get them in because of time constraints. I would prefer if they would make a team badge storage where people can put stuff so nothing gets wasted. The interface could be as a harvest storage or whatever, but it's stressful and...