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  1. Fixed [41127] Game not loading ap version

    Ap version not working, stuck on 2/16 at 100% and cannot get into game. Deleted and downloaded again, live version fine but still the same on beta. Doesn’t get past 2/16. Will have to delete and download again to access my live world.
  2. Other "Produce" Pet Food in the MA as well as craft it.

    100% agree, we need more pet food to make these event buildings worthwhile. How about a building which produces pet food.
  3. Black Friday deals on beta

    Black Friday advertised on beta but no deals so far. Are there going to be some?
  4. Duplicate [37708] spire negotiations don't work

    Me too, same message. I’m going to lodge a ticket.
  5. Fixed [TECH-5974] Your version is outdated error

    Yes, using an ipad
  6. Fixed [TECH-5974] Your version is outdated error

    This error is happening for me also.
  7. Elvarian Games

    Anyone know what the Elvarian Games are? Starting in 2 days.
  8. Fixed [36526] Stuck loading in app

    Stuck for me too. Also reinstalled ap on my iPad. No good. Live worlds ok, but once changing to beta login, can’t get back to live world without reinstalling ap again. Please fix soon