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  1. Sharkyvi

    Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    Thanks, now it's working :)
  2. Sharkyvi

    Fixed no log-in via browser possible

    Yes, thank you for the quick action and response :)
  3. Sharkyvi

    Fixed no log-in via browser possible

    Game version: As I'm not able to get into the game I cannot check. Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Browser Operating System or Mobile Device: Firefox Screen resolution: Account name: Sharkyvi Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens...
  4. Sharkyvi

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    This requirement already existed during the last FA. So it's nothing new.
  5. Sharkyvi

    Cannot reproduce Witch's hut fail in the magic academy

    Meanwhile, the items changed in the magic academy, and I have to wait until the magic's hut will appear again.
  6. Sharkyvi

    Cannot reproduce Witch's hut fail in the magic academy

    I have the same problem. Browser, Firefox 98.0 Windows 10
  7. Sharkyvi

    FA FA Map Waypoints

    in favor
  8. Sharkyvi

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.147

    I don't have that much, but at least 27 pages. I'm also curious if this will be implemented permanently.
  9. Sharkyvi

    Fixed [39231] UI items are switched

    I was also surprised at the new arrangement. I don't get the meaning behind it.
  10. Sharkyvi

    Disappearing cities

    I was waiting for almost one year to be moved to a better place as half of my city was surrounded by desert. Therefore, I am really happy that this was done a few days ago. That is the other side of the coin, in my case the positive one.
  11. Sharkyvi

    Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    My little town is Chapter II, and I managed to buy the requested KP during the first quests, but for sure it was far too expensive. As I have the Golden Abyss already, quest 20 was feasable. Now I'm struggling with quest 21 and I have no idea how to manage it. "Gain 600 Spell Fragments", really...
  12. Sharkyvi

    Discussion Fellowship Members Online Status

    As already noticed by @Uffauffa and @Droopy, the symbol is so little that it is almost useless, even when you're playing with a large monitor.
  13. Sharkyvi

    Congratulations Marindor!

    An unforgettable wedding :diamond: and lovely honeymoon ... enjoy every single day together :human:
  14. Sharkyvi

    Communication Mailing all Mages (Archmage + Mage) with tickbox

    And there's the rub ... It is not possible for players using the browser version. Therefore, it would be nice to implement this feature in the browser version as well.
  15. Sharkyvi

    Communication Mailing all Mages (Archmage + Mage) with tickbox

    Yes, I like @Droopy's proposal, too. As AM on live I have written the names of my Mages in OneNote, and I always copy them as a unit. If we have a tick-box or mail-group it would be easier for everyone.
  16. Sharkyvi

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Yes, it's a shame, but it was certainly not on purpose. Technical mistakes happen. Nobody is happy about it, but everyone should be able to handle it.
  17. Sharkyvi

    Fixed [37207] Chat and sounds do not work

    v1.135-beta.7-(fc41bda) - html5 (2021-07-27 11:03) same problem here (Firefox)