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  1. Question Fire Phoenix

    Main issue is: how can I get a 2nd Fire Phoenix????? :-(
  2. FA Renew the path highlight

    +1 This proposal is TOO GOOD to be even considered by INNO :cool:
  3. NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Mmm ... city "extraction" isn't working yet :-(
  4. NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Elvenstats partially works again
  5. NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Yes, but he has direct contact :)
  6. NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Any chace that we will be able to contact Elventats ower? @Konniver can you help us?
  7. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Last was after 9 months. I expect the new one no earlier then May.
  8. Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination

    What about they who don't know that they have less diamonds and don't open a ticket? Furthermore, not every player is in the forum ;-)
  9. Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    The announcement just says that something new is added. So the % of 1 or more prizes will be reduced :-(
  10. Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    "Spell fragments have been added to the Boss Chests on the Spire of Eternity": that's ridiculous!!! We already have too many spell fragments. Bosses need better rewards!!!!!
  11. Discussion The Cauldron

    It seems you completely missed the semantic of the message: in fact the asterisks were towards myself (and not insulting, but describing a situation). To me, the rule you mention do not apply, but it seems that INNO tries to create any possible situation to "put themselves" in a very awful...
  12. Discussion The Great Excavation

    That's a "fantastic" quest when you have finished the researches and you need more than 4 days to scout a new province, bazinga!!!
  13. Discussion The Great Excavation

    INNO testing??? Beta server players do the real testing for them ;-) What I mean is that INNO checks (testing) that no bug/error is there, but beta server players do the real testing by verifying that the changes are meaningful, and they are not in this event.
  14. Discussion The Cauldron

    Mmm ... are you sure that in the rules it is forbidden to put asterisks in a message (like ***)? I don't see this rule. BTW, the 3 asterisks in my message were not a mask, but intentional :-)
  15. Discussion The Cauldron

    And this is the main problem: I already got 19 diplomas (in the real world) before The Cauldron was released and without knowing what this would have meant. So I am already disadvantaged without any chance to improve my %s :-(
  16. Discussion The Cauldron

    Potion total %: 77.5 -> 2 fails on 5 tries Effect1 %: 35.2; Effect2 %: 14.3 -> 0 on 3 successes Why should anybody be interested in The Cauldron?
  17. Not a Bug Map position changing during tournament

    It is a really bad change. I also thought that it was a bug :-)