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  1. Discussion Floral Awakening

    Used to be, with the shuffleboard format, that you could tap (in App) on the images before shuffling to get a description of what they are, small images being sometimes difficult to identify. This functionality no longer working/available?
  2. No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.

    Seriously considering taking a break from the game for a while. Maybe they'll get their act together at some stage :(
  3. Fixed [44421] No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.

    On App (Android), the Spire icon is present but without showing a time til Spire reopen.
  4. Discussion Floral Awakening

    Grumpy Too!
  5. Question Event-Timer missing?

    Visible on Android App ... starts about 15 hours after end of FA, apparently
  6. Ads in the game?

    Just watched two of these advertising videos ... loud, irritating! Won't be doing that again :(
  7. Fixed [44330] Spire of Eternity à 14H00

  8. Fixed [44330] Tournament available early

    New application of RNG to the game, for start times now? Or a new competition ... Guess the Start Time? /sarcasm off
  9. Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    Was considering stopping/ignoring the Seasons quests. Since a few days will now be missed due to this bug, seems like a good point to do so :(
  10. Discussion Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    My least favourite format, this one. Far too time consuming and fiddly. :( Not a particularly impressive main prize building either. Although I'm currently going through the initial quests on autopilot, may ignore it soon. Only thought would be whether there may be an option to use the Mama...
  11. Game performance?

    Happy if they're trying to improve performance :)
  12. Game performance?

    Been wondering whether they released all the qualified developers and are now using work-experience students
  13. Game performance?

    After the last couple of weeks on Beta, hard to believe that I was so delusional at the time as to be concerned about performance aspects of the game!!! :(
  14. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Option to prolong the devs' working week/hours?
  15. Fixed [43633] Giving neighborly help cause sometimes "internal error"

    Not so. I'm in a solo fellowship here on Beta and still had the error giving help to neighbours.
  16. Fixed [43633] Giving neighborly help cause sometimes "internal error"

    Just had same error (App equivalent, playing on Android) as Brummi when doing NH. Game reloaded and was ok for the rest of NH.
  17. Fixed [43644] Command /who doesn`t work

    Same problem, both on browser (firefox) and intermittently (only works occasionally) on app (android). Although the green dots are available as an alternative on browser to identify recent activity, there is no alternative on App.